Because When You’re Where the Polar Bears Are, You Need Pictures to Remember It


“Hey Nick?”


“There’s a polar bear.” Looks down at camera and bats eyes back at Nick.

Nick sighs. “Would you like me to take your picture with the polar bear?”

“Would you, please?”

Nick takes a picture of me in front of a polar bear. Later the same day, another conversation takes place that sounds more like this one:

“Hey Nick?”


“You should probably look up and smile. You’re drinking a beer in front of a polar bear!”

And so, over one very short trip to Norway — and of a total of about 160 pictures taken on said trip — approximately (okay, exactly) 23 of them are of one of us with a polar bear. Or two of us with a polar bear. Or of just a polar bear. Sadly none of them are of all three of us with a polar bear (in retrospect, a significant oversight on my part).

Pictures-with-Polar-Bears-3-MilliGFunkWhen you’re where the polar bears are, you need pictures. Because these trips are once-in-a-lifetime. Because we’re tourists and everybody knows it, so why try to play it cool? Because it’s a polar bear. Because life is too short not to be your goofy self. Because looking back at these pictures will remind us of fun days and happy times…And because while right now our times are fun and happy, they won’t always be…and those pictures might reminds us that even if today isn’t happy, we’re immensely blessed. But mostly, because they’re polar bears!

Be honest. If you had the chance to get a picture with a polar bear, wouldn’t you do it?Pictures-with-Polar-Bears-1-MilliGFunk


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  1. I love it! I would have done the same thing. There’s a stuffed bear at the Juneau, Alaska airport that I have a few pics in front of from when I was a kid. I’ll have to find them 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure if there was a stuffed polar bear I would get a picture in front of it!

  3. That’s awesome! I would totally take pictures with a polar bear if I had a chance. I always take pictures of silly things and make my boyfriend take pictures with other goofy things. It just makes life more fun and a great thing to laugh about later in life! : )

    • Yes!! I try not to be too cool when traveling to enjoy the silly, happy moments that only happen when you’re outside your own element. Thanks for the comment, Yvonne.

  4. Wow: I’ve never seen a place with a full, taxidermied polar bear outside of a museum! So YEP, I’d definitely be taking loads of photos too, haha.

    • Right, Cynthia? My husband thinks I’m nuts sometimes, but when will I see taxidermied polar bears again outside of a museum? Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I love these photos! I’d want to take a photo with a polar bear too.

  6. I would absolutely be getting a photo with that polar bear! No doubt about it. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing with us.

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