YMCA Christmas House Tour

Saturday, December 4th was the 12th Annual YMCA Christmas House Tour in Festus, Missouri. The tour featured eight homes in Festus, Crystal City and Pevely. I had the pleasure of visiting four of those eight homes.

In 2009, my mom and I attended our first holiday home tour in Washington, Missouri. Also sponsored by the local YMCA, the day was a lot of fun for both my mom and for me. We shopped for Christmas ornaments in local gift stores, visited homes, had lunch together, and took advantage of the day to catch up on quality mom-daughter time.

Mom and I decided this year to make holiday home tours our new holiday tradition, and I’m glad we did. Of the four homes we saw, each had beautiful decorations inside and out. One home in particular stood out for capturing not just the look of the holidays, but the spirit of Christmas.

When we entered this family’s home, we immediately felt welcomed. The home was beautiful, of course, but it also felt real, human, and lived-in. Classic decorations were mixed with more creative and sassy ones like the beach-themed Christmas tree in the hallway bathroom. We had the opportunity to meet the family who lived in the house, and they were down to earth and completely welcoming.

The YMCA Christmas House Tour requested that no pictures be taken, so I left my camera at home. If you live near Festus/Crystal City and enjoy Christmas events, I really do recommend that you mark your calendar for December 2011 and watch for details on this house tour when the time draws nearer.

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  1. Neat. Planning on doing the Lafayette Square House tour this year. First time for me.

  2. Thanks for a great day! I am already looking forward to next December!

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