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Germans work hard, but they also know how to relax and have a good time. That’s evidenced by the huge number of festivals, or “fests,” held throughout the year all across the country in Germany. It seems like as soon as one fest season ends, it’s time for a new one to start.

In the summer, there are town festivals and near the end of summer, wine fests are popular, especially along the Rhein River. In fall, there’s Oktoberfest, and then there’s Kirwa. Depending on where in Germany you live, you might be able to find other fall fests like this Apple Fest and this Pumpkin Fest — the biggest in the world!

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival MilliGFunk

Before you know it, it’s time for Germany’s Notorious Christmas Markets. These markets aren’t quite the same as fests, but when there’s food and drinking and music, it still feels awfully festive. Another prominant Christmas tradition in Germany is the tradition of Krampus; the horny devil that runs through towns, scaring children into behaving well before Santa visits.

In the spring, Germans celebrate Fasching (similar to Mardi Gras), and small towns and big cities alike hold Easter craft markets. In Munich, you can celebrate Fruhlingsfest (Spring Fest) in the same way you celebrate Oktoberfest; by putting on your trachten, reserving a table in a beer tent, and eating, drinking, and dancing the day away!MilliGFunk & Family at Munich Fruhlingsfest

Of all these festivals and markets that make Germany so much for to live in, Oktoberfest is by far the most famous. It’s the world’s largest beer festival, and it offers so much more than just beer! Dozens of enormous tents, each with food, beer, and a stage for live entertainment, fill the festplatz.

And fest food isn’t just brats and beer. The Oktoberfest tents each have their own theme — and their own full menu! You can order everything from a cafe latte to a liter of beer to drink and you can get a roasted chicken, a pork knuckle, schnitzel, pretzels, grilled fish, and more off of the menus in most fest tents.

Outside of the tents, there are food trucks, fun houses, games, and rides for kids and for adults. There are kiddy rides like child-sized trains and merry-go-rounds, but there are also stomach-testing, adrenaline pumping rides — even roller coasters! — that give adult thrill-seekers a little fun.

Fruhlingsfest in Munich MilliGFunk

“Oktoberfest” is something of a misnomer, because the fest really doesn’t take place in October. In fact, it’s happening right now in Germany! Traditionally, Oktoberfest took place over the last 16 days of September. 7.7 million liters of beer will be served during Oktoberfest in Munich, and more than six million people will flood the Theresienwiese (fest platz) during those few weeks.

Enter to Win!

All of the excitement leading up to Oktoberfest was a little bit contagious for me this year, and I wanted it to be contagious for you, too!

I reached out to follow Bavarian expat bloggers Leanna from Economical Excursionists and Jamie from North of Something to see if they wanted to put together an Oktoberfest giveaway for our readers. Since they both agreed, we have an really fun, truly Bavarian Oktoberfest Goodie Box Giveaway just for you!

Oktoberfest Giveaway from MilliGFunk

One lucky reader will win a box from us that’s filled with little goodies from Germany. We’ve got beer mugs, chocolates, a silly apron, and more! Here’s the full list:

One (1) Leiderhosen Apron

Two (2) Authentic Munich Hofbräuhaus beerhall Maß

One (1) Mini Maß filled with local Bavarian gummies

One (1) Satchel printed with the Bavarian Flag 

One (1) Package of mini Bavarian Chocolates from local Bavarian chocolatier

One (1) Faux Lebkuchenherzn Necklace made from local Bavarian Chocolates “Gruß vom Oktoberfest” (Translation: Greetings from Oktoberfest)

One (1) I (heart) Germany tissue packet

One (1) Bayern Postcard showing daily life and scenes in beautiful Bavaria


Total estimated retail value: $50 USD.

Here’s a close-up of the chocolates, beer mugs, shopping back, gummies, mini-mug, and tissues!

An Oktoberfest Giveaway from MilliGFunk

If this post got you excited about German Oktoberfest, then enter today to win this really fun, very authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest giveaway goodie box from MilliGFunk and my blogging friends Economical Excursionists and North of Something!

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  1. Pretzels and People watching are top of my list!

  2. All the different kinds of beer!

  3. The best part about Oktoberfest in Germany would be the authentic experience, rather than the (more drunken) Americanized version.

    • Garrick, did you know that they have what amounts to quiet hours until early evening at Oktoberfest? They still have music, etc., but there’s a decibel limit on how loud things can be before a certain time. They do that so that the elderly and families can enjoy Oktoberfest, too. I think that’s pretty awesome.

  4. It would be amazing to get to practice all my high school German! 🙂

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