Why Yoga is Awesome Exercise for Mommas to Be

Yoga at 14.5 Weeks Pregnant - MilliGFunkHello, hello! Today is Friday, which means that around here, we’re talking about Fitta Mammas, and how you can stay active and healthy through your pregnancy. Today, I want to talk about yoga, and why yoga is awesome exercise for mommas to be.

Cardio was the focus of my pregnancy fitness routine during my first pregnancy two years ago. I did a little bit of weight training, but mostly I walked, jogged, and took spin classes. The thing I didn’t do, which I later regretted, was yoga.

My focus on cardio meant that I wasn’t focusing quite as much on my flexibility or my posture. I was a dancer for my whole childhood, and I’d maintained my flexibility and core strength well into my 30s through running, yoga, and regular stretching.

After our daughter was born, though, I realized that for the first time (not counting pregnancy) in my life, I couldn’t touch my toes. My back ached, my hips were tight, and my posture was a mess.

By the time our daughter was a few weeks old, I’d vowed to myself (many thanks to how completely stiff and sore I was!) that I’d make yoga a priority next time around. I’m 15 weeks pregnant today with Bavarian Baby Shaw, and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve kept my promise to myself.

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Power Yoga in Pregnancy

I started taking power yoga classes when we were just five weeks along, and I told my yoga teacher (who also happens to be a super-fit momma of four) our good news after class that very first day. I’m so glad I did, because in the weeks that followed, there were many classes when I felt fatigued, nauseated, or when my balance was simply off.

My instructor was able to keep a bit of an eye on me, and she has encouraged me on the days when the morning sickness was the worst. Now that I’ve got a bit of a belly bump, she’s helping me understand when to use alternative poses. She even took the pictures I’m using in today’s post!

FittaMamma Friday 15 Week Bump - MilliGFunk

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga was great for me postpartum, and so far it’s been great for me through this pregnancy, too. My balance is better and I have a lot less back pain than I did at this stage of my first pregnancy.

Thankfully, people before me realized that yoga is great during pregnancy, so more and more research is being done that suggests that exercise — and specifically yoga — is beneficial to momma and baby, both.

  • Yoga alleviates tension & releases endorphins
  • Studies have shown that women who practice yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labor.
  • There are a number of poses that can assist or even speed up labor, easing your baby’s entry into the world – and help speed recovery after the birth as well.

FittaMamma has a whole section on their website about yoga during pregnancy, including a free downloadable guide to practicing yoga during pregnancy. There’s one line on their site that really resonated for me:

Yoga is an ideal lifestyle choice during pregnancy, at a time when you become so much more aware of your body, your emotions, your surroundings and nutrition as well as becoming naturally more flexible.”

Yoga has really helped me physically and emotionally so far this pregnancy to feel strong, balanced, and well. If you’re interested in learning more about yoga during pregnancy FittaMamma has pregnancy yoga videos, information on poses that you need to practice with extra care, poses to help with everything from managing fatigue to managing labor, and more.

Thank you to FittaMamma for providing the soft, supportive maternity workout clothes you see in this post. I’m wearing the Pregnancy Yoga Top in light pink and the FittaSupport Maternity Fitness Capris.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FittaMamma, who has graciously outfitted me with maternity activewear for my active pregnancy. FittaMamma supports active mammas by offering exercise tips, recipes, and maternity activewear that holds and supports your baby bump!

Fittamamma Logo Move Nurture Support-page-001Move. Nurture. Support.

FittaMamma is a woman-owned company that’s supports pregnant mommas with pregnancy tips, safe pregnancy exercises, nutritious recipes, and supportive maternity activewear. Alex, the owner, is passionate about encouraging women to stay fit during pregnancy, to keep active, and to choose a well-balanced nutritional pregnancy diet.

The FittaMamma ethos is simple, but important: “Move. Nurture. Support.”

Move: Love your body, love your baby and love the benefits that exercise brings!

Nurture: It’s not just about nurturing your baby – you deserve to be nurtured too! Happy, active moms raise happy, active kids!

Support: FittaMamma is constantly adding new exercises, information, and recipes to their website to help support pregnant moms. And don’t miss out on the support their clothes offer! The FittaMamma range was created to hold and support your baby bump.

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  1. I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and used to run regularly up until 6 weeks when the exhaustion and nausea hit. I haven’t done much since then! Ah! Love yoga though- I need to try getting back into it!

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