Why I’m Glad I Stayed Active Through My Pregnancy

MilliGFunk Two Weeks Postpartum

Photo: Me, Two Weeks Postpartum, wearing FittaMamma activewear

Back to Blogging After Baby Leave!

Hi again, friends! Baby Boy was born six weeks ago, and I’m ready to ease my way back into blogging again. Today I want to tell you a little bit about what’s happened in our lives over these first six weeks of Baby Boy’s life, and I also want to tell you why I’m glad I stayed active through my pregnancy with him.

So first, here are the life updates:

Family Visits & House Hunting

These first six weeks of Baby Boy’s life have been exciting and busy. We’ve hosted Nick’s parents, and my own mom came to stay with us for 2.5 weeks (she is an angel) while Nick flew to the USA to house hunt for us. During that trip, Nick put in an offer for us on our very first home. After living in rentals and government housing for the first four years of marriage, we’re ecstatic that we might own our own pretty little brick rambler in greater Washington, DC in just a few weeks!

Speaking at the 60th Annual AWAG Conference

MilliGFunk at Edelweiss Resort in Garmisch, Germany

As if buying a first home sight unseen (Nick’s seen it, but I haven’t) isn’t crazy enough, we traveled as a family to Garmisch, Germany just twelve days after Baby Boy was born so that I could speak at the 60th annual Americans Working Around the Globe (AWAG) seminar.

AWAG ended up being a fantastic opportunity for me professionally, and I was honored that they asked me to speak. Nick was super dad, taking care of everything with the kids so that I could focus on my presentations. Thank you, Nick, for making that conference a possibility for me!

I love that picture of Small Shaw, Baby Boy, and I, by the way. Nick took it of us in front of the stunning Bavarian Alps at Edelweiss resort in Garmisch. Every time I look at it, I think about how well it captured those first moments as a mom of two. I also think to myself, “Oh, how I’m going to miss this beautiful country!”

Which brings me to my next life update:

Our PCS from Germany to Washington, D.C.

An empty family room

Somewhere between the AWAG conference, parent visits, putting in an offer on “our” house, and today’s post, our movers came to pack up and ship all of our household goods. I’m writing this post from our living room floor, where the only furniture is Baby Boy’s pack & play and Small Shaw’s folding lawn chair.

The last few weeks have been choatic and exhausting; bittersweet and exciting. I’m physically tired but emotionally fulfilled. I love being a mom, and I’m excited about our move home to the U.S.

Staying Active Through Pregnancy

I’m so glad that I stayed fit through my pregnancy.

First, it made a big difference in my delivery experience. I had a 100% natural hospital delivery with the help of Nick and a fantastic German Hebamme (nurse midwife). The strength and flexibility I’d kept through my pregnancy really helped me to manage the most strenuous parts of labor.

Second, staying active through pregnancy helped me to jump right back into life after Baby Boy arrived. With everything we had going on, I didn’t have the luxury of a slow recovery. Within a couple of weeks of his birth, I was moving things around our house, prepping for movers to come.

Third, because things have been so busy, it’s been nice not to feel pressured to jump right back into watching my nutrition and exercising daily. I only gained a little bit of extra weight with Baby Boy, and I managed to keep a decent amount of muscle and strength. It’s been great to be able to coast a little bit in these first few weeks.

MilliGFunk 2 Weeks Postpartum
Finally, exercising through pregnancy means that I’m already doing really fun things — like this castle ruins hike with my Mom in Kallmunz, Germany — again! I’ve loved being able to wear Baby Boy in a carrier, push Small Shaw in a stroller, and be out and about so quickly after Baby Boy was born.

Exercise and Nutrition 6+ Weeks Postpartum

Much of the stress of adding a second child to the mix is behind us now, and the same goes for our move. We’re waiting to hear back from the sellers on our house in D.C., and our house here in Germany is practically empty now that the movers have come and gone.

What that means is that starting today, I can finally relax just a little bit. I hope that the coming weeks bring better sleep, more daytime downtime, less caffeine, and more water. Hopefully, these coming weeks also see us eating healthier foods again; eating out less often and relying less on what’s convenient than on what’s good for us.

Thanks for reading today! I hope that my active pregnancy has helped to inspire you to stay active through your own pregnancy and with littles at home. Thank you to FittaMamma for sponsoring my active pregnancy, and to my own mom, who spent 18 days in Germany having fun with me and helping me out with anything and everything with a newborn and an impending PCS. I love you, Mom!

Castle Ruins Hike with My Mom


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  1. What a nice post! It was a shock seeing you and Baby Boy Shaw on your empty floor, even though I knew it was happening! So glad I was able to help out, and I’m so proud of your ability to realize the benefits of staying healthy through your pregnancies! Thanks for sharing…love you!

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