Why I Left New York Part III

MilliGFunk & BrotherGFunk at a Halloween Festival at the Brooklyn Place of Employment

Towards the end of my years in Taiwan and New York, I was beginning to get a better idea of what I wanted for myself and my life. I had identified financial, professional, and values-based goals for myself.

Let’s start with the most tangible and easily quantifiable goal; money.

When I was offered my job in Missouri, my organization in Brooklyn provided me a counter-offer as incentive to stay in New York.

I ran all of the numbers, from taxes to rent to average utility payments to commuting expenses, and while I could have continued to build my life in New York, it would have taken me a decade more in New York to reach goals I could conceivably have achieved in a few years in Missouri.

Financially, the move was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life. The cost of living in New York City is more than six times the cost of living in rural Missouri.  By saving as much money as I have in rent, utilities and groceries since moving to Missouri, I’m making financial headway that would have been impossible in New York, even if I’d accepted my organization’s offer for promotion.

Speaking of my organization, there were some significant professional reasons why moving to Missouri was the best decision for me at that juncture in my career…


This is part two in a multi-part story that I hope will answer what seems to be my life’s biggest question, “Why did you move from New York to rural Missouri?” Come back tomorrow to read more.

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