Why I Left New York Part I

Original Artwork Created Light-Heartedly in Paint by MilliGFunk

The question I’ve probably heard more than any other single question since February of 2009 is “Why did you move from New York to rural Missouri?”  Some decisions aren’t simple, and my move “home” to Missouri was one of them.

Let me start by explaining the quotes around the word “home”. It’s part of my philosophy on life that “home” is relative. Home can be a physical place like a home town, a house, or an apartment. It can be people like family and friends. It can be your parents, your spouse or your kids. “Home” is relative to the person defining it.

So what did “home” mean for a girl who’d spent her twenties living in five states, seven cities and two countries, and traversing countless other places in her travels?

What did “home” mean for someone who’d earned more education than was useful in any practical sense, and who’d spent at least three years living nomadically, more or less? Come back tomorrow to find out. This is the beginning of a multi-part story that I hope will answer what seems to be my life’s biggest question, “Why did you move from New York to rural Missouri?”

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  1. Home is certainly relative. I just found home in the last few years… And it’s true what they say… It’s good to be home! Can’t wait to hear more about yours.

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