Which Baby Monitor Should We Register For?

What Baby Monitor Should We Choose? MilliGFunk

Okay, Moms and Dads, I’m writing today with another baby gear question for you: Which baby monitor should we register for?

We’re only 23 weeks along, but because our baby shower requires a long international flight, we’ll be having it earlier than most couples would; near the end of the second trimester. Invitations have been mailed out, guests have begun to RSVP, and our registries are looking really good except for one glaring omission; a baby monitor.

What monitor did you chose, and why? Did you love it? Hate it?

Do you like your video monitors, or did you prefer a sound-only monitor?

Are there any monitors or brand that you’d steer completely clear of?

And for bonus points, do you think babies look like they’ve been possessed by demons with the night vision video monitors? We were admittedly a little freaked out when friends shared theirs with us in the US last spring. 

So far, we’ve received one great recommendation from another military friend here in Germany; the Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Monitor.

A Note on Voltage: Voltage may be important for us. We currently have both US and European voltage in our home, but because we’re scheduled for another PCS in 2014, we don’t know what our next housing assignment will be like. We may be on European voltage at that time, so a dual-voltage system like the Motorola our friend recommended could be good.

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  1. We went with a simple sound-only sony monitor. It worked for what we needed, and we didn’t see the need for a video monitor at the time. Though, after seeing my friends’ video monitors, I think it would be a great investment – they all love theirs, and sometimes I do wish I had one. Not a necessity (in fact, ha, we didn’t even use a monitor at all with our second… and only used it with our first once we moved into a 2-story house), but definitely a nice-to-have. 🙂

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