Wake Up Juice & Juicing Value

_DSC2825edwmWhen I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to try making homemade juices, he wondered how expensive it would be to buy fresh produce for juicing. My first week of juicing was an experiment in cost.

I bought a week’s worth of juicing ingredients (1 juice per day for five days) for less than $13.00 at Sprouts Market. I peeled, cleaned, chopped, etc., my ingredients, and then divided them into five airtight containers. Each morning that week, I opened a container and made that day’s juice, saving me a little bit of precious weekday morning time.

After prepping everything I needed for my juices, I had enough leftovers to make 5 individual spinach salads with a few strawberry slices in each (great for carrying to work for lunch each day), as well as one larger spinach salad for Nick and I to have with dinner that week. I also saved the pulp from this juice, in hopes of using it for either baking later.

So is there value in juicing?

Juicing is hard work. It takes thought and time to prepare ingredients, find produce that’s in season and not expensive, and clean the juicer each time it’s been used.

_DSC2828edwmIt seems (so far, at least) like the key to juicing inexpensively is multi-fold:

1. Shop for ingredients that are in season
2. Use the ingredients you buy (don’t let things go to waste)
3. Save your pulp, especially if you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

Here’s the recipe for “Wake Up” juice:

4 cups spinach

1 cup parsley

4 red bell peppers

4 oranges, peeled

4 cups strawberries

Divide ingredients into five equal portions for five days’ juice.


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