Visiting the Dole Plantation

MilliGFunk Being Silly at the Dole PlantationI promised that I’d share a few of our honeymoon adventures, but our time with family and friends has definitely taken priority since we came back from Hawaii.

I shared our perspectives with you on sea kayaking, and I also shared a few pictures of and a blog post about the Hale Koa Hotel. Today, I’ll tell you about the Dole Plantation.

I love fresh fruit, and pineapple is no exception. When we rented a car to drive around Oahu, Nick suggested that we stop off for a Dole Plantation tour, and I was all-in.

On our drive to the plantation, we mused about how pineapple grows. Does it grown under the ground? From a tree, like bananas and papayas do? Maybe on the ground like a pumpkin?

Beautiful horticulture at the Dole Plantation - MilliGFunkThe plantation was great. We were able to see pineapples in various stages of maturation, and we learned that pineapples grow out of a yucca-like plant on the ground. Pineapples also grow in different colors. How fantastic is that?

There were family-friendly activities like a passenger choo-choo train and a pineapple garden maze, but there were plenty of things that appealed to adults without kids, too.

There were beautiful gardens with horticultural labels for unique plants and trees, and there was a huge gift shop.

From the Hale Koa to the Dole Plantation - Hawaii - MilliGFunkProbably the strangest thing about the Dole Plantation was the inexplicable absence of fresh pineapple for sale. You could buy pineapple candy, pineapple gifts, pineapple ice cream…they even had a full coffee bar. But to find fresh, cut pineapple, you had to wait through a long snack bar line and dig into a cooler of bottled water and such. This blew my mind.

So our trip to the Dole Plantation wasn’t the greatest adventure in the history of adventures, but we had fun and we got some great pictures.


Lizard at the Dole Plantation - MilliGFunk

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