Veggie Pulp Sandwich Bread

Veggie Pulp Sandwich BreadJuicing seemed to be a big trend in 2012-13, and like so many people, my curiosity got the best of me. I found a reasonably-priced juicer, and I gave juicing a shot.

One of the things that kills me about juicing is that by juicing your vegetables, you lose so much fiber from them. Without that fiber, depending on what you’re juicing, you could just end up with a really high-sugar drink that — although all-natural — isn’t very filling and is still high calorie.

Determined to find a good use for it, I started saving the pulp from my juices. My freezer quickly filled with ziplocks labled “fruit pulp” or yogurt containers labeled “green pulp”. I researched recipes and continued my juicing experiments by baking breads and muffins using my juicing pulp.


Here’s the thing: That pulp that our juicer spits out is still filled with moisture. That moisture is A+ when it’s used in baked goods, because it makes those otherwise quick-to-stale home made breads and muffins incredibly moist.

Case in Point: This Veggie Pulp Sandwich Bread from Plan to Eat


I made this in my bread machine, and it turned out SO good.

It was dense, moist, and hearty. And with flecks of red pepper and greens throughout, it had great flavor.


I didn’t use it for sandwiches (as the recipe suggests), but it was fantastic as toast and for snacking. The whole wheat plus the vegetable pulp made me feel a whole lot better about the fiber I lost juicing.

Have you tried baking with your juice pulp? How did it go?

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