An Upside Down House in Bavaria

Bavaria Upside Down HouseAt Wald Wipfel Weg in the Bavarian National Forest is a real house that’s been built entirely upside down. This upside down house, call the “Topsy Turvy House” is two stories tall, and is way too much fun. Furniture is mounted from the ceiling, pictures hang upside down on the walls, and even the bathroom is totally flip-flopped. If only German beer came with the upside-down steins mounted on the kitchen table!

Throughout the house are cool photo opportunities that toy with perspective. This specific aspect of the house makes it not just fun, but also kind of educational for elementary-aged kiddos.

Admission to Wald Wipfel Weg is €7,50 for adults and €5,00 for kids, and Topsy Turvy House admission costs an additional €2,00 per person.

To learn more about Wald Wipfel Weg, check out my blog post about it from earlier in the week. These two destinations would make a great combined day trip for families stationed on USAG Bavarian installations

Topsy Turvey House – Address & Website

Waldwipfelweg BmgH
Six Family
Maibrunn 91
94379 St. Englmar
Bavarin Forest

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  1. Pretty cool! You are certainly seeing some awesome sights! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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