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Today on Facebook, I saw an interactive map making the rounds among my Friends who’ve been stationed overseas. Thinking about the many travels I’ve been blessed to take over the last couple of decades, I decided to see what my own world travel map would look like. It’s pretty neat to see.

If you daydream about traveling extensively, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to look for an opportunity to work overseas. I’d never have a map that looks like this if my career hadn’t taken me to Taiwan in my twenties, and if my husband’s hadn’t brought us to Europe now. Living internationally is hands-down the best way to see the world, and it’s an opportunity I’m immensely grateful for.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

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  1. I’d like to go back to England. I love the history there.

    • Where in England did you visit on your first trip, Amber? A friend studied abroad in Canterbury and dearly loved it there.

  2. On our bucket list are The Mayan Ruins, and a trip to Hawaii to see the battleship. Oh, and of course at least one more trip to California and Germany to see our ‘kids’,

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