Throwback Thursday: Along a Dusty Trail

Along-a-Dusty-Trail…On my desk at work is a photo of me with my lifelong friend Travis, walking arm in arm along a dusty trail. You cannot see where the trail is leading us, and I can’t remember…

It’s a photograph of myself from a time I’ve already lived, and yet I can’t tell you what will happen next. Do we get back into the car, or do we sit down on the beach to drink wine? Or maybe this time the trail leads us somewhere else.

In only thirty minutes I’ll leave work again. It seems that every day goes by so fast that it will only be tomorrow that I’ll have my last day of work at Ju and be headed back to America.

At the end of each day I want to rewind time so that I can have one more day. I’m gluttonous with my days. I indulge in them so quickly that they are gone and nothing is left but a memory: a photograph in my mind of this amazing trail I’m walking.

I’m not sure where the trail is leading, but with each foot touching the dust, I feel grateful for the foot that’s stepping and for the earth that rests beneath it.


Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei
on September 28, 2006.

I wrote more than 300 blog posts during my year in Taipei, Taiwan. I don’t know yet how many of those posts I’ll recreate on, but for now, at least, you can come back on Thursdays for a #ThrowbackThursday to my #YearInTaipei.

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  1. What fun to see our ‘son’ Travis! Hope he’s doing well! Thanks for a great throwback!

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