Throwback Thursday: Total Sensory Overload

It’s exactly homesickness that I’m feeling right now. It’s something I haven’t really experienced before. It’s total emotional and sensory overload.

It’s a sudden realization that things are foreign to me cannot remain foreign. It’s like that critical moment after an organ transplant when the doctors are waiting to see if the patient’s body accepts the new organ. I’m in that period right now where subconsciously I’m trying to allow all of these foreign things to become normal to me.

Melissa's Very First Day as an Expat in Taiwan from www.MilliGFunk.comSometimes when I write my blog I just pick one topic from the day to focus on, but on any given day that I write a 1,000-word blog entry focusing on, say, the mysterious green food, there may have been a dozen other mysteries that I could have written about.

I have to slow down a little bit. I hit the ground running here, and it’s catching up to me.*

During my department meeting Monday, the executive director gave one girl permission to translate things for me, but otherwise, I’m to speak Chinese to the best of my ability to my coworkers, and they are to resist the urge to practice their Engish with me. This is a big fat challenge for me, but I’m glad he’s initiated it. I knew it needed to happen, but I probably wouldn’t have done it on my own.

*Indeed, I needed to slow down. Not too long after I wrote this post, I contracted Mono.


Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei
on September 26, 2006.

I wrote more than 300 blog posts during my year in Taipei, Taiwan. I don’t know yet how many of those posts I’ll recreate on, but for now, at least, you can come back on Thursdays for a #ThrowbackThursday to my #YearInTaipei.

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