The Postpartum Meal Train

Set Up a Meal Train for New Baby MilliGFunk

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After the birth of our baby girl, our Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader did a wonderful thing for us: she organized a Meal Train.

A Meal Train is a lineup of families who deliver pre-made meals to new parents. allows the organizer to set up a timeline for meal deliveries and to send email invitations to families who’d like to deliver meals. Additional friends or family members who may want to help, but who might not have been on the meal train organizer’s original email list can easily be added.

Meal Trains are also great for grieving families or for families who could use an extra hand during a deployment!

Meal Train for New Parents MilliGFunk

The day we came home from the hospital with Small Shaw, we had baked macaroni and cheese waiting for us. In the days to come, we received beef stew, enchiladas, homemade granola, fruit & veggie trays, pasta dishes, and more. The visits from wives in our unit were a pick-me-up each evening, and the meals have been a Godsend for us, allowing us to focus on time with our baby instead of planning meals or making fast food runs.

One of the most creative things a friend did for us as part of the meal train was make homemade, frozen chocolate chip cookie dough bites. Each was ready to go onto a cookie sheet, no preparation necessary (not even slicing!). The dough bites were wrapped in butcher’s paper, and directions were written on the outside. How sweet is that?

Did your friends or family organize a meal train after your baby was born?

What were your favorite postpartum snacks or meals?

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  1. My job in PWOC was to organize these for any member who was having a baby or surgery. It was my favorite thing about our short stint on activated status – getting to take meals to families in need. I loved it and it did wonders at teaching my oldest about hospitality and serving our neighbors 🙂 My favorite meal to take ever was pot roast with roasted asparagus and homemade bread. Their whole family loved it, even the little ones! The first meal I ever took to a family after their 2nd was born was homemade mac & cheese, salad, dessert and some homebrew. Homebrew goes over quite nicely for new dads (and some new moms). Just sayin’ 🙂

  2. Mmmmm…..we were there to sample the cookies! Delicious, and what a great idea! I will remember that one for future meal deliveries! We were also lucky enough to partake of the Lasagna meal. It was also wonderful. It’s so nice that there are families so willing to help out! Small Shaw will very soon want to help you with your own meal trains! Thanks to all who brought meals in to you and your family. With all of us so far away, it helped us to know that you were being taken care of!

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