The Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse

The Nachtmann Crystal WarehouseI heard about the Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse before we even arrived in Germany. Shopping for crystal at Nachtmann is right up there with going shopping for Polish pottery on the “must-do” list of most military spouses stationed in Germany.

My husband and I aren’t much for crystal. In general, our aesthetic is relatively contemporary and clean, while most crystal we’ve seen over the years is a little bit more old-fashioned, heavy, and, well…sort of gaudy.

Still, I wanted to see what the Nachtmann Warehouse was all about. During Day Trip Week, a girlfriend and I ventured to the Warehouse to see what the hubbub was all about. We were pleasantly surprised.

The warehouse was easy to find, with directional signage in the town as we got near the facility.

There was plenty of parking in easy-to-find, well-marked parking areas. Inside the store, signs were written in German and in English, and the sales clerks all spoke enough English to answer questions and communicate clearly to shoppers, the majority of whom seemed to be Americans.

Parking at the Nachtmann Crystal WarehouseTo reach the warehouse, you’ll need to walk past the main store entrance shown in the first photo in this post. You’ll see a metal gate to the left of the store front. Walk through that gate and walk 50 yards or so (follow the old train rails). You’ll see the warehouse entrance on your left.

The inside of the warehouse was simple: concrete floors, exposed ceilings, and boxes of crystal stacked on pallets on the floor. There was a single checkout line where two clerks worked together, one checking customers out while the other wrapped each piece of crystal in packing paper.

Near the check-out was large stack of cardboard boxes that were free for the taking after making a purchase. There was no guarantee you’d find the box that matched your purchased items, but there was a big enough selection that it was easy to find boxes that were a good fit for my friend’s purchases.

I’Inside the Nachtmann Crystal Warehoused been told to expect Nachtmann’s own crystal, as well as Crystal made by other companies like Waterford and Wedgewood. And, of course since Nachtmann is a division of Riedel, I anticipated we might see some Riedel stemware in the warehouse.

(A nod here to a good friend and professional sommelier in Missouri, Angela, who introduced me to Riedel wine glasses and has taught me much about food and wine over the years.)

Most of what we saw was made by Nachtmann, although there were other designer brands, as well. The warehouse is only open on Fridays, and I assume that the stock varies depending on what “overs” need to be sold from their factory in any given week.

Inside the Nachtmann Crystal WarehouseNacthmann’s prices were unbeatable. While I didn’t buy anything on this trip, the friend I shopped with found a beautiful designer set of two vases and a serving bowl. I believe she spent somewhere in the neighborhood of €20 (approximately $28).

For price comparison, I did a quick search on Bloomingdale’s website for crystal whiskey glasses. A set of two  is listed at €85 while similar whiskey glasses were available at the Nachtmann warehouse for €4 each. Other items at the warehouse were for sale at similar discounts.

This is the GPS address I used to find the Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse:
Zacheries-Frank-Strasse #7
92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab

The warehouse is only open on Fridays, and the store—located on the same property—offers special Friday sales, as well.

If you’re looking for lunch while you’re in Neustadt, there are a few restaurants along the main street just down the hill (an easily walkable distance) from Nachtmann’s parking lot. We chose an Italian restaurant. Service was quick by local standards, the food was good, and the prices were affordable. There was a “Babylonian Grill” and a German restaurant on the same block.


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  1. Once in a while, this warehouse does a “kilo” sale, where everything is sold by weight for really low prices. It was a madhouse when we went this year! I don’t like overdone pieces either, so I was happy to find some very simple and more modern pieces

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