The Infamous, Dumb Babble Story

Gah. I hate the drama. I’d planned to work on backend website stuff tonight but the drama is too much. That’s what I get for checking Facebook before starting on my website dev. work. #IShouldKnowBetter

To fill you in: A couple of days ago, published a badly-written post by the spouse of an Army Reservist. The post wasn’t error checked, and the author was clueless. The result? 6.3 thousand Facebook shares and more than 300 comments (so far). That’s a lot of traffic for Babble, so my best guess is that this post was a manufactured piece of drama-inducing poo on a page.

Author’s Note: If my husband was home, I’d probably be hanging out with him tonight instead of writing this post, but you see, he’s away on a deployment to another garrison in Germany. Oh, what’s that? That’s not a deployment, you say? Well, I’ll be.

Here’s how I feel about the Babble cockamamy:

1) My vocabulary increased tonight when the Babble article inspired me to look up synonyms for the word, “crap”. I’m not even kidding.*

2) The author calls her husband a Captain and a Major. Both. Her credibility diminishes pretty steadily from there on.

3) The whole “deployment” issue. Career courses are not deployments, which the 300+ pissed off commenters on Babble (see point #1, above) and the countless other military spouses across the world whose heads are publicly exploding over this have, understandably, corrected the author about repeatedly. Then again, Point #2.

4) The best stuff is in the comments. High five to the lady who managed to fit “bless your heart” and “big girl pants” into a single sentence, and hooah to the folks arguing over whether it’s acceptable to call yourself a “veteran military spouse” if you’re a military spouse with experience being, you know, a military spouse. I see what you did there, using “veteran” as an adjective, not a noun. Tricky, tricky.

4) That headline! Gah. That headline. Now that we know that career courses are not deployments, can we please write a headline that tells us what the story is actually about? Suggestion: “ posts crap piece to garner likes, shares, and comments”

5) I really, really, really hope that Duffel Blog writes a response piece. So much so that I tweeted them tonight with my request:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.29.50 PM

It may seem lousy of me to make fun of this post. I generally try to keep things positive on my blog, but I have a strong sense of right and wrong, and this Babble article crossed that line:

Babble was wrong to publish a post that had so many obvious errors. Shame on you Babble.

Further, shame on you, Jessie Knadler: You do not embody the strength, resilience, dedication to family, or service to community shown by the many amazing Army spouses I’ve met over the last several years. Be weak, whiney, and self-absorbed if you want to, but don’t drag the many, many strong, patient, selfless men and women who are married to a service members down when you sell yourself for likes, comments, and shares.

That brings me very nicely back to my asterisk, way up there in Point #1…

*Synonyms for “crap” include: bunk, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, foolishness, hogwash, idiocy, baloney, malarky, poppycock, ridiculousness, rubbish…

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  1. Love your list of synonyms. Some are saying those of us who are irritated are mean and should show her grace. Whatever. Bottom line, you’re right – babble shouldn’t have published this. And being frustrated by this does not mean we are heartless milspouses who attack our own for fun (though perhaps some of our tweets might beg to differ…) – we just find it hard to garner sympathy for someone with the attitude shown in the “article”.

    • Thanks for your comment, lady! I think we’re on the same page where that Babble post was concerned: it was poppycock. 🙂

  2. I think bunk and poppycock are underutilized. We need to incorporate them more into our vocabulary. And I agree with you 100% here. Well-written.

    • Thank you! I agree on bunk and poppycock. Let the utilization of these fantastically crappy words commence immediately!

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