The Ghostbusters Car in Richwoods, MO

Wikipedia lists Richwoods, Missouri as an “unincorporated community”, not a town. Richwoods was my Friday night destination of choice, and surprisingly, exploring it was a nice distraction from how much I miss my Friday nights in New York City.

Richwoods is in northern Washington County, Missouri. I would tell you what the population of Richwoods is, but “unincorporated communities” are not listed in the US Census.

Seriously though, who cares about population when the town has something much groovier to boast. Richwoods, Missouri is home to a slew of old, run-down, beaten-up fire engines.

Every field in town (yes, every field in town, bizarre as that sounds to my NYC friends) seems to have at least one old fire engine parked in it. My favorite is this Cadillac ambulance, which looks to me like a red version of the Ghostbusters car.

Richwoods Caddy, photo by smalltowngirl

Richwoods Caddy, Photo by MilliGFunk

Resuscitator Equipped, photo by smalltowngirl

Resuscitator Equipped, Photo by MilliGFunk

Richwoods Cadillac, photo by smalltowngirl

Richwoods Cadillac, Photo by MilliGFunk


Richwoods, Missouri is located between Sullivan and Hillsboro, Missouri, in Washington County, on Highway A/Y, off of Missouri Highway 47.

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