The Anonymous Food Processor

Kindness makes its presence known in the most unexpected of ways.

Small Town Girl's Brooklyn Smoothie, photo by Small Town Girl

After several days working out of town, driving more than 70 miles to and from work each day for meetings, I came back to my office to find a brand new food processor sitting in an unopened box on my desk chair.

There was no note letting me know who’d left the gift for me, and when I asked around the office to try to learn who I should direct my thanks to, no one would take the credit. Ultimately, I left a thank you note on the office’s island countertop addressed to the “person who gave me the anonymous food processor”.

The Anonymous Food Processor, photo by Small Town Girl

To this day, I don’t know who it was who brought me the food processor, but I’ve already used it more times than I can count to make smoothies after my training runs.

Thank you to whoever gave me this anonymous gift. You probably knew you were going to give me some slicing and dicing and blending, but what you may not have known is that you’ve given me a little bit of hope, and you’ve made me feel really loved and cared about.

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  1. That smoothie looks delightful! Aren’t anonymous friends fun?

  2. Ummm I gave it to you and now I want it back! 🙂

    ENJOY I’ve been wanting one… Tell me what recipe you used. I just bought some banana’s raspberries and blackberries…. YUMMY


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