The Advent Market at Legenfeld Castle in Burglegenfeld

Advent Market at the Legenfeld CastleFor  two days only, the castle (Burg) in the town of Burglegenfeld holds an advent and art market. If you live nearby, you’ve probably seen the castle, which sits high on the hill in the middle of town.

What you might not know (I definitely didn’t) is that the Castle of Legenfeld is a socio-therapeutic home and art school for people who are working on mental re-integration or who otherwise have mental struggles.

Advent Market at the Legenfeld Castle

Because of the nature of the market, it’s really kind of different from other area Christmas markets. Instead of seeing lots of vendor booths packed tightly together, there are a variety of mini-exhibits throughout the castle. Some are indoors, selling artwork, ceramics, and knitting projects.

Burglegenfeld Castle Christmas Market DSC_2974WM

There are also several outdoor exhibits. Each seemed to have a theme like “storybook tales,” or medieval times. You could walk through the exhibits without crowds or pressure to buy anything at all. Periodically, we’d happen upon a smaller indoor space with specific products for sale.

In addition to the crafts I’ve already written about, we saw cookies, homemade jams and jellies, liqours, and greenery (potted poinsettias, wreaths, and other indoor and outdoor plants).

Outdoor Exhibits at Burglegenfeld Castle Christmas Market

Our assumption was that the Legenfeld Castle Christmas Market is a fundraiser and public awareness program to help raise money for and draw attention to the social services provided by “The Castle” (the name of the art school and home). Since everything was in German, we weren’t entirely sure. If anyone reading this post knows for sure, please leave a comment!

There are a couple of other aspects of the market that are worth mentioning. First, there was a neat renaissance-type area in the inner castle. There was a bonfire, food vendors, and a few small vendor booths.

Advent Market at Burg Legenfeld via MilliGFunk DSC_2958WM

There was also a warm little art studio where kids could go in and paint their own Advent stars. Small Shaw had a LOT of fun (and made a big mess!) painting her Advent star. The woman in the studio was gracious and great with Small Shaw, making our time in the studio really warm and family-oriented.

Children's Crafts at Burglegenfeld Castle via MilliGFunk DSC_2967WM DSC_2968WM

Finally, one of the true highlights of the market was that the castle’s tallest tower (Thurm) was open to the public. Nick counted steps (134) and I counted floors (around 5.5 stories). The steps twisted and turned up the tower until we reached the top. From the rooftop, you could see in all directions for miles and miles. My quads were aching after climbing up and back down, but it was well worth it for the views.

Tower at Burg Legenfeld via MilliGFunk

Views from Buglegenfeld Castle via MilliGFunk DSC_2978WM

The Advent Market in the Castle of Legenfeld is only open for one weekend each year, so if you want to see the market, be sure to watch for information about it in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Map & Directions to the Castle of Legenfeld in Burglegenfeld:

Erich-Gottfried-Heuser-Str. 1
Burglengenfeld, Germany

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