Thank Goodness for Running

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Thank goodness for running.

Though I usually run with social running clubs on specific nights of the week, this week has been different. Allergy issues have manifested to the point that I needed to take the night off from my usual mid-length run, and in a way, that’s made me realize how much I have to be thankful for.

I say that because being “sick” with these allergies has meant that I’ve come home at night without the distractions of running, chatting with other social runners, and having dinner or a drink out with them after our runs. Being “sick” with these allergies has meant that I’ve come home to a quiet apartment that reminds me of what life would be like if Nick wasn’t deployed.

So, thank goodness for running.

Thank goodness for the friendships running has helped me make in Colorado Springs, and for the hours it’s placed me on beautiful trails or streets I’d not yet been down. Thank goodness for the direction it’s given my life this year, and for the way training for races has kept me busy and given me things to look forward to on the weekends. Thank goodness for the life running’s help me build that’s separate from this deployment, and for the way it’s helped me relieve my stress.

Thank goodness for running.

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