Terminology Tuesday: The DFAC

TermTuesCorrectedWelcome to Terminology Tuesday at Marrying the Army!

If you’ve been a military spouse for very long, today’s term may seem like old hat, but if you’re newer, you might like to know where your spouse eats meals on post.

DFAC (pronounced “D Fack”) is the abbreviated name for the on-post Dining Facility. You may also hear your service member call this the mess, the mess hall, or the chow hall.

DFACs vary from post to post, base to base. My husband had some pretty uninspiring stories to tell about the DFAC on his FOB in Afghanistan. At most posts, the DFAC is only open to service members, but occasionally, DFACs are accessible to military ID card holders like you (I know you’re excited!) and your kids.

The DFAC is considerably less expensive than other dining options on post. On our current post, breakfast costs $2.50 and other meals cost $4.60. For service members living in the barracks, no money changes hand. Instead, those service members are “meal card holders” who are entitled to their DFAC meals as part of life int he barracks.

Have your ever been to the DFAC? What did you think?

Does your spouse eat at the DFAC often?

For the Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard spouses out there: Does your branch have any other names for the Dining Facility?


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  1. My hubby generally tried to avoid the DFAC if possible. He only eats there if he has to or doesn’t have time to go anywhere else. I ate at the one at Rucker once for Aviation Spouse Day. It wasn’t bad, but it felt weird to be there 😉

  2. When my husband first moved to Germany, he lived in the barracks and ate at the DFAC. (He deployed two months after joining his unit, so I didn’t move over there until after the deployment.) When I went to visit him, I ate at the DFAC, too. I didn’t mind it. Probably in part because I’m cheap. Haha! It made me think of eating at my college dining hall.

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