Budgeting for Your Family’s PCS to Germany – AHRN.com

Melissa Gilliam Shaw - Content Creation - AHRN.com

This week, the Automated Housing Referral Network published the first in a seven-part content series I created for them. These seven posts detail the many expenses a military family should consider budgeting for before starting their PCS to Germany, and I hope that they help other military families to prepare … Continue reading

Passion Projects

I really like my work as a freelancer: I get to make my own hours and choose my own clients and projects. I can keep my family first without making career sacrifices. In essence, I have the best of both worlds; personal and professional. Because my freelance work is profitable, … Continue reading

AHRN.com Guest Post: Housing in Wiesbaden

My second guest post — explaining military housing at USAG Wiesbaden, Germany — published on the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) Blog on May 1st. AHRN is a referral resource for the military community around the world designed to assist the military community locate available housing. Basically, the organization helps … Continue reading

AHRN.com Guest Post: Enjoying Wiesbaden

I wrote my first guest post for the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) Blog in April, but with the busy-ness of caring for a newborn and PCSing across Germany to a new duty station, I forgot to tell you about it. Nick and I were based at USAG Wiesbaden for our first ten months … Continue reading

Missouri Arts Council StoryLine Short Story Competition

Even though I’ve moved to Colorado, I’ve remained subscribed to the Missouri Arts Council email marketing list. I like hearing about creative, artistic and cultural events in my home state, and MAC is good about providing regular updates. When I saw this email from them today about the StoryLine Short … Continue reading

Missouri Writers’ Guild Supports Joplin Libraries

I received the following call for submissions today from the Missouri Writers’ Guild via the Missouri Arts Council. The Guild is partnering with the Joplin Writers’ Guild to raise money to help buy books for Joplin school libraries damaged or destroyed by the May 22nd tornado. If you are a Midwestern writer … Continue reading

Small Town Girl on MO Division of Tourism Blog

Time plays tricks on me sometimes. It seems like I should be able to close my eyes and be back in Brooklyn or Taipei or Pittsburgh, but it’s been years since I lived in any of those places. Missouri has been my home (again) now for two-and-a-half years, but sometimes … Continue reading

Published in Missouri Meetings & Events Magazine

Earlier in 2011, my good friend and colleague Jamie Vollmer from Inspire PR and Events contacted me to ask permission to suggest me to a statewide magazine called Missouri Meetings & Events. Jamie had been writing for them for some time and thought that I would make a good addition … Continue reading

Missouri Meetings & Events

With snow falling outside and Greg Brown music playing softly in my cabin, Rosie sleeps on my bed and I click “send” on the email containing my most recent magazine story. Although I can’t help but miss Brooklyn, mornings like this one are pretty much idyllic. There thousands of people … Continue reading

Small Town Girl in Insider573 Magazine

Two years ago I dreamed of having my writing published in magazines, and today I was published in the fourth magazine in twelve months*. Insider573 Magazine, a photo-rich, high-gloss, high-end magazine owned by a Farmington, Missouri family approached me this summer to ask if I was interested in writing for … Continue reading

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