The Best-Educated Food Service Line You Can Imagine

What Should I Look for in a Diaper Bag?

Last night I worked on the best-educated food service line you can imagine. We were volunteering together, and between the five us, there were at least three advanced degrees. We are all wives of U.S. soldiers, and none of us is able to work full time in our career fields right now. … Continue reading

My Hope for Military Spouses of the Future

Last night, a fascinating job offer arrived in my inbox, uninvited. A startup founder in Berlin offered me a position doing something I’d be good at, at the intersection of technology, writing, and international business — three areas of distinct professional interest. The potential was inspiring, but when they found out … Continue reading

Teaching Nonprofit Marketing in Japan

Temple University Japan Campus

It’s on the website, so I feel like I can share the exciting news now: I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer for Temple University Japan this February. The class, which is part of an international nonprofit management program on Temple’s Japan campus, will focus on strategic marketing planning for nonprofits. I’ll … Continue reading

Freelancing & Volunteerism

ArmyFRG MilliGFunk

Freelancing is a tough gig, but most freelancers won’t tell you that. It’s easy to talk about the big client they’ve just won, but it’s a bruise to the ego to admit to friends or family when things are slow. Or worse: when they’re totally dry. I read quite a … Continue reading

Vote For Your Favorite Title!

Nothing can stop an ambitious, loving military wife from achieving the balance she seeks between spending time with her family, being a good spouse, and creating a successful career. This summer, Marrying the Army will publish a special series of blog posts featuring inspiring women who’ve found creative ways to manage … Continue reading

Too Much Excitement Makes You Crazy

Friends, let me tell you: PCSing to Germany is exciting. I work for a strategic marketing and branding firm, and I wear a few different hats. I manage client relationship and projects, and I also create content and manage messaging strategy. My last day at the firm is Friday, and … Continue reading

5 Reasons I'm Okay Living on One Income

On Friday, I received my last full paycheck at my job with the marketing and branding firm where I’ve worked since moving to Colorado Springs. My husband’s and my transition to one income is real now, and while I thought I’d be anxious when the time came, my husband has … Continue reading

And So Begins JRTC

Oh, how the time flies by… When he came home from his last field exercise, we thought we’d get so much done before JRTC. We thought we’d have time to fit in fun things, wedding-related things, and things that weren’t much of anything at all. We thought that four weeks … Continue reading

GiST: September 19, 2011

My new fiance (in case you missed it, I got engaged less than a month ago) is an Army officer, and I’m struggling to adjust to life on this side of a military relationship. Since I moved to Colorado in mid-August, he and I have been apart more than we’ve … Continue reading

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