The Three Best Things About Bodegas Pago de Tharsys

Wine Tasting at Bodegas Pago de Tharsys

  We started our week in Spain off with a little bit of time in Spanish wine country. Our first destination? The beautiful little town of Requeña, which sits in the heart of a wine region by almost the same name; Utiel Requeña. The town of Requeña is quaint and … Continue reading

The Rüdesheim Wine Museum

Rudesheim Wine Museum

Our very first German day trip was a cycling trip to a Rhine River Valley town that became one of our favorites near Wiesbaden; Rüdesheim. Rüdesheim sits right on the River Rhine. Castles dot the river valley, and vineyards climb the hilly terrain. Rudesheim is well-known as the center of … Continue reading

Will Write for Wine with STLWineGirl

Last Wednesday, July 15th, I had the opportunity to participate in a food bloggers’ event with STLWineGirl, Angela Ortmann. The event, titled “Will Write for Wine”, was by invitation only, and I was flattered to be on the list. Angela’s classes are always informative, and I’ve enjoyed the classes and … Continue reading

Blumenhof Vineyards and Winery

I’m familiar with the wineries in St. Genevieve County and in Farmington, Missouri, but I’d never been to any of the wineries or vineyards west of St. Louis on the Highway 94 “Wine Road”. While driving home from Wright City, Missouri on Monday, I saw a sign for a winery just … Continue reading

STL Uncorked

Saturday, June 19th was St. Louis Uncorked, a downtown wine and music festival. It was supported this year by KMOX, KEZK and Y98 FM, but it was organized by a private special events company, which I believe was a wise choice on the part of the radio stations. Despite soaring … Continue reading

Robust Wine Bar in Historic Webster Groves

Last night some very fun St. Louis twitter ladies gathered at Robust Wine Bar in Historic Webster Groves, Missouri, and I can’t rave enough about the restaurant, the wine or the service. Robust is only one of two restaurants I’ve found in St. Louis that transported me back to New … Continue reading

St. Louis Cellars

Angela Ortmann of @StLWineGirl was kind enough to take me as her guest to a St. Louis Cellars Wine Club event in February, and I had a great time. St. Louis Cellars only carries wines that are Continue reading

Making the Most of Missouri

Today, I made my way to Crown Valley Winery, where I bought a bottle of blackberry wine. I’m such a proponent of locally produced goods that I really wish I could acquire a taste for Missouri wines, most of which are very sweet. I bought a bottle of Crown Valley’s blackberry … Continue reading

NYC Food Lover Lost in SEMO

I’ve lived in New York City, so it should go without saying that I’m hurting for good food in St. Louis. Or should it? At Friday night’s #stl #tweet-up, @Tojosan and @MattHomann, determined to convince me that St. Louis isn’t just BBQ and steak, drafted a list for me of … Continue reading

Sand Creek Vineyard

I spent my cool, drizzly Sunday afternoon at Sand Creek Vineyard with an old friend. The building, which sits at the end of a long gravel driveway, deep in the woods, somehow manages a fine balance between down to earth and elegant. When  we arrived, we were the only two … Continue reading

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