Small Town Girl on MO Division of Tourism Blog

Time plays tricks on me sometimes. It seems like I should be able to close my eyes and be back in Brooklyn or Taipei or Pittsburgh, but it’s been years since I lived in any of those places. Missouri has been my home (again) now for two-and-a-half years, but sometimes … Continue reading

Eagles and geese and snakes, oh my!

When I say I live in small town Missouri, I’m being generous. I actually live in the middle of a massive forest more than ten miles from the nearest small town. As a result, I’m surrounded by wildlife. On today’s walk, Rosie and I encountered the usual squirrels and birds. … Continue reading

Is Small Town Missouri More Dangerous than Brooklyn?

I think it’s fair to say that the average person would assume life in Brooklyn to be far more thrilling and way more dangerous than life in a Missouri town of just over 2,500 people.  On the average day in said tiny Missouri town, the average person’s assumption might be … Continue reading

Eating Local in Small Town MO

Two things that I value are healthy eating and trying local foods. When my family showed interest in trying bison from Sayersbrook Bison Ranch one night this week for dinner, I went shopping at Boo’s Market in Potosi, Missouri. From there, my mom took over, making a fantastic meatloaf from … Continue reading

Your Forgiven

At the end of a family’s driveway on a stretch of rural highway in Washington County, Missouri is a square white sign that reads, “YOUR FORGIVEN” on one side and “THINK GOD” on the other. Immediately across the road, the neighbor flies a Confederate flag. Sometimes I intentionally take a different route … Continue reading

My New Man Chavez

Happy Cinco de Mayo from rural Southeast Missouri, where the nearest quesidillas and margaritas are twelve miles away. On a recent trip to YMCA Trout Lodge in Potosi, Missouri, I had the pleasure of taking part in a Cowboy Campfire at the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch. Triangle Y Ranch has … Continue reading

Washington State Park: Petroglyphs

Small town Missouri simply doesn’t stop surprising me. On a recent visit to Washington State Park in DeSoto, Missouri, I learned that Missouri is home to 500-2,000-year-old petroglyphs created by Native Americans. Washington State Park is one of only two parks in Missouri that holds such carvings. The Missouri State … Continue reading

Grassy Hollow Southern Baptist Church

It seems that on every hike I take and in every new town I explore I find several lovely old churches to photograph. This Sunday’s church is Grassy Hollow Southern Baptist Church, located in Washington County, Missouri. Grassy Hollow is a quaint, white, frame church not far off of Missouri … Continue reading

A Different Kind of Fire Engine

This weekend was the Moses Austin Festival in Potosi, Missouri. I spent part of my day on Saturday wandering the streets of downtown Potosi (Population 2,500 or so), trying to snag some good photos, and trying to learn more about the town. Though I didn’t learn much about the town, … Continue reading

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