5 Tips for Making the Most of Living on Post

In the U.S., Army officers are usually allowed to live off post, but in Germany, on-post housing is now the standard. Yesterday we received confirmation that we’ll be living on the Army installation in a two-bedroom apartment (floor plans here). Of course, we’d prefer to live on the local economy. … Continue reading

Visiting the Dole Plantation

MilliGFunk Being Silly at the Dole Plantation

I promised that I’d share a few of our honeymoon adventures, but our time with family and friends has definitely taken priority since we came back from Hawaii. I shared our perspectives with you on sea kayaking, and I also shared a few pictures of and a blog post about … Continue reading

Traveling from Wiesbaden

  I’ve started to explore the distances from Wiesbaden — where we’ll be stationed — to various other cities in Europe, and I can feel the travel bug tickling my heart. Very soon, I’ll be closer to Denmark than I am now from my hometown. Witness the rare Melissa, “Squeee!”. I … Continue reading

An OCONUS PCS for the Pup

PCSing with the Pup

One of the questions friends and family have asked us about our PSC to Germany is whether we’ll be able to bring our dog with us. Thankfully, yes, we will. I’ve been prepping Rosie for our international flight and for our arrival in Germany. Today, we had our first military veterinarian … Continue reading

Hope and Fresh Air in Winter

Today is one of those rare Colorado winter days when the temperatures are warm enough to open the blinds, crack the windows and let some natural light and fresh air into our home. We’ve had a busy winter. Since mid-November, our travels have taken us to Ironman Arizona in Phoenix, … Continue reading

Take the Scenic Route

Today was a spectacular day in the world of this Small Town Girl and her new sidekick, Rosie. We traveled down country roads for two hours to Wright City, Missouri, where we visited Cedar Lake Cellars for an upcoming story in a Missouri magazine (don’t worry – we’ll let you … Continue reading

Leaving San Francisco

I’m not convinced about leaving San Francisco today. My flight leaves this afternoon, but I’m just not sure I want to get on the plane. There’s the immediate inconvenience of the flight itself – the packing, the long security lines, the potential groping or full body scans, and the uncomfortable … Continue reading

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