A New Half Marathon Training Strategy

MilliGFunk Half Marathon Personal Best

I think I have a new strategy for training for half marathons. First, I’m never going to run more than 9 miles again in training. Second, I’m always going to push a jogging stroller on hills — preferably into the wind — while wrangling a 50-pound, high-energy, poorly-leash-trained puppy. Finally, … Continue reading

Postpartum Half Marathon Training

The first two weeks of my postpartum half marathon training were going well when, five miles (or so) into a seven mile long run that wrapped up Week 2, something happened… There’s a protein hormone called relaxin that’s an important part of pregnancy. Relaxin allows the pregnant woman’s joints to become flexible enough to … Continue reading

Running My Way Through this Deployment

You have two choices during your spouse’s deployment. You can make the best of things, or you can not make the best of things. I choose the former, and part of executing on that decision is using my nervous energy for something healthy. While my husband is away, I am … Continue reading

Celebrating Halloween Early

Because Nick’s battalion is already in JRTC, he and I had to celebrate Halloween early this year. We went pumpkin picking as part of a Groupon date in Canon City, Colorado at Diane’s Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkin patch also had a corn maze, a giant slide, roasted corn on the … Continue reading

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