Making Our German Easter Bread Wreath

Easter Bread Wreath - MilliGFunk

Germany has been such a fascinating place to live during Lent and Easter. I’ve written already about many of the German Easter traditions (see bottom of this post for links), but today I want to talk about the German tradition of Easter bread wreaths. My research (and by “research”, I … Continue reading

German Epiphany: The Real 12 Days of Christmas


View image | I woke up on January 6th and ran to the local bakery looking for pastries for a mommy-baby playgroup I was hosting that morning, only to find that the store was closed. I drove to another bakery; also closed. I was lucky enough to find a … Continue reading

Our 1st German Christmas Tree

Picking out a German Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Eve from Wiesbaden, Germany! Ever since we’ve been a couple, we’ve bought a Christmas tree together for our house. Among the many changes year-to-year in location, family plans, and travel, picking our tree might be our one and only true family tradition. This year, we brought that tradition … Continue reading

PCS Traditions

PCSs mean goodbyes, broken household goods, and new scratches on your furniture. They mean long drives, too much take-out food, restless nights and grouchy days. But moving — like so many other things in life — is made a lot easier when framed in a positive light. That’s why we’ve … Continue reading

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