Throwback Thursday: Visiting the N Seoul Tower

I arrived in Korea on Friday afternoon at around 3:30, after a 2.5-hour flight from Taipei. I left my apartment at 8:30 that morning, and I got into the city of Seoul at about 6:30 that night. The Taipei International Airport is nothing fancy…I had assumed I could find coffee … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Food Allergies Abroad

Strange Chanting When I got off the MRT at work and started into the alley between the station and JPG, I started to hear chanting. Strange chanting…non-rhythmic and mysterious. Almost scary in the overtones and chords being sung. Unnatural to say nothing of the deep and throaty sounds coming from … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Learning to Be Still

…My days are filling up quickly without me forcing more things into them, and yet I keep thinking of all the things I want to do with myself. I want to study more, get to the gym more regularly, be more relaxed at work, and get to sleep earlier. I … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Along a Dusty Trail


…On my desk at work is a photo of me with my lifelong friend Travis, walking arm in arm along a dusty trail. You cannot see where the trail is leading us, and I can’t remember… It’s a photograph of myself from a time I’ve already lived, and yet I … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Total Sensory Overload

Melissa's Very First Day as an Expat in Taiwan from

It’s exactly homesickness that I’m feeling right now. It’s something I haven’t really experienced before. It’s total emotional and sensory overload. It’s a sudden realization that things are foreign to me cannot remain foreign. It’s like that critical moment after an organ transplant when the doctors are waiting to see … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday June 9

MilliGFunk in Taipei

For more than a week I’ve been on a mission to find a tea that I actually like. I’m not talking about hot teas, but about bottled chilled teas sold in convenience stores. Today I found an apple tea (ping cha) that I like. Mission accomplished. I’ve come to really … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday June 2

MilliGFunk in Taipei

I have a bike now, and am mentally composing my guide to riding a bicycle in Taipei, subtitled “1000 ways to die on your bike.” : ) Between it and the five flights of steps to my apartment, I’m gonna have some dead sexy legs by the time I leave … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday May 26

Making New Friends in Taipei on

Among the things I love about my job in Taiwan are the following: We wear jeans to work. It’s acceptable for me to listen to music while I work. I have two stuffed green peas on my desk, one named Mi-Mi and one named Re-Re (musicians, I know you’re smiling right … Continue reading

Day-to-Day Life in Taipei

My Rooftop Apartment in Taipei

My Apartment in Taipei My mattress sits directly on the raised hardwood floor of the corner of my studio apartment I call my bedroom. The rest of the apartment is white quarry-tiled, but my sleeping area is warmer, cozier…wood, not tile. Each morning at 6:15 my pink Motorola Razor phone … Continue reading

The Expat Experience from Five Different Countries in Asia

The Expat Experience from Five Different Countries in Asia

All 18 of us in the program have been in touch through a Google Group since we left our orientation in San Francisco two weeks ago (today marks the end of two weeks in Taipei). It seems that most of the Scholars are gathering entertaining stories to share. Each time … Continue reading

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