Diary of Slovenia Day 4: Atlantis Water Park

Outside of Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

I’m so excited for our night tonight! Right now, both Nick and Small Shaw are napping in our dark hotel room, but I’ve decided to push through. I don’t sleep well at night when I’m pregnant anyway, so a midday nap will probably make me more likely to toss and … Continue reading

An Absolutely Incredible Day in Spanish Waterfalls

MilliGFunk and Small Shaw in Spanish Waterfalls

Can you imagine spending an afternoon relaxing in Spanish waterfalls just inland from the Mediterranean sea? Pinch me, because I can’t just imagine it, I can remember it. If you’d told me when I was 10, wearing huge red glasses and going to gifted class in my small Missouri hometown … Continue reading

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