Missouri Float Trips

Though not an exclusively Missourian past time, I think that float trips are one of Missouri’s most popular summertime recreations. If you’ve never heard of a float trip, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a trip that centers on floating in a river. Float trips are typically day-long events, … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s Butterfly

I don’t know much about butterflies, but I know that it’s not every day that a butterfly lands on your hand and stays there for several minutes. That’s exactly what happened during my Missouri float trip on Monday, and it was like A Small Town Girl’s Guide if Walt Disney … Continue reading

A Semi-Sweet White Table Wine and a Very Sweet White Dog

I uncorked the Whittenburg Semi-Sweet White as I went off on one tangent or another about the challenges of my new job. I let the wine breath for a few minutes, poured myself a glass, and took a sip. A warm, mellow flavor hit the center of my tongue, and … Continue reading

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