Hello from Small Town Missouri!

Hi Friends! The last few days have been good, but busy. I’m working on my first contract as an independent contractor, writing cases studies for an enterprise mobility company. I’m also hard at work using Successful Military Wife’s Marketing Makeover Challenge to help me develop a personal brand and website that … Continue reading

Running Through Deployment Race #5: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

Go St Louis Half Marathon - Running Through Deployment

When you run, you have good races and you have bad races. The GO! St. Louis Half Marathon was the latter. Immediately after crossing the finish line, I found myself in the med tent, but we’ll come back to that. There are a whole lot of variables that come into … Continue reading

St. Louis Christmas Eve Tweet-up

Where does the time go? I wanted to write about this St. Louis tweet-up when it happened, but instead found myself swamped (in the best of all possible ways) with the holidays, travel and time with our (my fiance and my) families. One of the highlights of all of that … Continue reading

Smalltowngirl’s Family Grows

For more than a year now, I’ve known I’ve wanted to expand my little family. After much planning and preparation, I finally took the plunge yesterday, giving my entry-level Fuji DSRL camera a strong and might new sibling; a Nikon D7000. Continue reading

Brides Across America Part 2: On the News!

Yesterday I shared a blog post about my incredible experience participating in the Brides Across America program at The Wedding Gallery in St. Charles, Missouri. Today I want to share with you some fun links that came from my participation in the program. You see, just as I came out … Continue reading

The Next Goal: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

Running helps me focus. It gives me confidence. It keeps me feeling healthy and strong. I started running just before I turned 30. I’d never run more than 3 miles at a time, but I’d always admired runners. The runners I knew looked great. I’m not too proud to admit … Continue reading

STL Local Music: Kentucky Knife Fight

Let’s face it – The stress of these super-close World Series games is a lot to handle this week. Wouldn’t it feel good to get out on Friday night for some good, hard, live rock music? If I still lived in Missouri, I’d be at Off Broadway on Friday night … Continue reading

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