Visiting Beautiful Barre Vermont


Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to travel to Vermont for the very first time. One of the days of our trip that stands out in my mind is the day we spent visiting beautiful Barre, Vermont. Pronounced “Barry” by the locals, the town is just large enough to have … Continue reading

Crashing a Small Town Oktoberfest

Early in Oktober (get it? har har har), Nick and I traveled to a small Colorado town. Said small town is best known for a big hole in the ground near it that you may have heard of — The Royal Gorge. The town is called Canon City, and its … Continue reading

$1.35 a Scoop Asian Express

  Ambiguous marketing is always good for a laugh, right? Straying from Missouri but sticking with small towns, I spotted this sign in a small(ish) town in Colorado recently. I was — and still am — perplexed by the meaning of this sign. I’m fairly certain that this established sells liquors, but … Continue reading

A Taste of Small Town, Arizona

Over the last few months, Arizona has made it onto this small town girl’s small town radar. My host during the P.F. Chang’s Rock n Roll Half Marathon took me to the Desert Botanical Garden, drove me to Sedona to see the red rocks, and took me to “the Towers” … Continue reading

Take the Scenic Route

Today was a spectacular day in the world of this Small Town Girl and her new sidekick, Rosie. We traveled down country roads for two hours to Wright City, Missouri, where we visited Cedar Lake Cellars for an upcoming story in a Missouri magazine (don’t worry – we’ll let you … Continue reading

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