Cycling in Small Town Missouri

Guest post by Jennifer Wassenaar Growing up in Farmington, Missouri, my older sister and I would ride our bikes up and down the street, to the park that was behind our home and to our grandparents’ houses.  I even remember mastering the art of riding with no hands. As I … Continue reading

Blueberry Vodka

On my list of things to do before I celebrate my 30th birthday is learn to make martinis. Considering that I love fresh fruit and that I love to make things from scratch, it’s not far-fetched that I’d attempt making my own blueberry-infused vodka to use in blueberry cocktails (martinis … Continue reading

Missouri Farms and Adorable Cows

One of my close childhood friends is now a large animal veterinarian assistant, working with cows, horses and other large animals. She lives on her family’s farm, where she’s recently begun bottle feeding a one-month-old, 200-pound calf named Bessie. Farmers don’t usually name cattle, but Bessie’s destiny is greater. Cows have to … Continue reading

Robust Wine Bar in Historic Webster Groves

Last night some very fun St. Louis twitter ladies gathered at Robust Wine Bar in Historic Webster Groves, Missouri, and I can’t rave enough about the restaurant, the wine or the service. Robust is only one of two restaurants I’ve found in St. Louis that transported me back to New … Continue reading

Local Harvest St. Louis…and Beets

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work with coworkers ranging in age from teenagers through retirees (who’ve come back to work in retirement). Last week at work, two coworkers were discussing beets, which it seems have a reputation as an “old person’s food”. … Continue reading

Race to the Rocker Recap

March 27th was the “Race to the Rocker”, a four-mile roadrace from downtown Cuba to Fanning, Missouri, home of the World’s Tallest Rocking Chair. My Mom was there to watch and take pictures, so this race was a particularly well-documented one. As a case in point, here I am lacing … Continue reading

Sunny Sunday in Southeast Missouri

Easter Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day in the far reaches of Southeast Missouri. I sat in a riverside park in New Madrid, Missouri watching barges move down the Mississippi by tug boat, feeling the wind against my skin and the quiet calm my soul. When’s the last time you … Continue reading


I experienced a bathroom in Missouri this week that was, um…notable. This particular “fine dining” establishment has opted out of ladies’ room stall doors completely, leaving the two toilets in plain view. There’s also full-length mirror in the bathroom which provides a clear reflection of yourself sitting on the closer … Continue reading

COCA Immersion

Saturday night, March 20th was a cool and rainy spring night in St. Louis, but that didn’t stop seventy or so young professionals from gathering at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in University City for the COCA Junior Board’s first-ever fundraiser, “COCA Immersion”. The event was casual, with guests … Continue reading

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