Diary of Slovenia Day 3

A Visit to Predjama Castle, Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

I’m back today with our Diary of Slovenia Day 3 post. On Day 3 we had breakfast at the Tourist Farm Touristica Kmetija Kosir in Kranjska Gora, toured the Postojna Caves, and visited the Predjama Castle. We finished our day with a drive to the capital city of Slovenia: Ljubljana. If you’d like … Continue reading

Road Trip to Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and it’s only about three hours away from most of the posts in USAG Bavaria. This weekend, we loaded up the SUV and took a family road trip to Prague. The city is absolutely beautiful, with curving cobblestone streets and tall, … Continue reading

Moving Away Playlist


I love music. I’m moving away. I’ll have 15+ hours in a U-Haul to listen to music while my loyal sidekick (Rosie) sleeps beside me. I need music for the drive. This is where you can help. Leave me a comment with the song or songs that you think I … Continue reading


While driving from small town Missouri to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Thursday for the first time in several years, one particular stop for gas stood out in my memory. Whoever put this sticker on this trash can gets extra points for making me laugh on an otherwise rough morning: Continue reading

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