White Chip Island Brownies

Here’s another recipes from “Operation: Use All Our Perishables”. This one is for White Chip Island Blondies. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate or of coconut, but I still thought these were tasty. More importantly, this recipe helped me use what was left of our white chocolate chips. … Continue reading

Wake Up Juice & Juicing Value

When I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to try making homemade juices, he wondered how expensive it would be to buy fresh produce for juicing. My first week of juicing was an experiment in cost. I bought a week’s worth of juicing ingredients (1 juice per day for … Continue reading

Coping with a Soy Allergy

  For months, I’d blamed the the stomach pains on stress –  Stress of moving to Colorado. Stress of starting a new job. Stress of planning our little wedding ceremony. Stress of an unexpected move (again) in February, and stress of my husband’s deployment. I never considered that I had … Continue reading

Crossing it off the Bucket List: The Gingerbread House (Part 1)

I’ve always wanted to build a gingerbread house, and this year I finally did it. Buying a gingerbread house kit would be the small town equivalent of saying “I want to build my own home” and then heading down the highway to buy your own prefab modular estate. There’s nothing … Continue reading

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