All the Baking!

I may have over-committed myself near the end of 2014. I volunteered for a few things, made some family plans, got excited about hosting our “Army Orphan Thanksgiving” again this year, and then saw a big influx in freelance work. Suddenly I was in over  my head. Juggling work and … Continue reading

Blueberry Pie

One of my favorite foods is a simple one – the blueberry. You can eat blueberries so many different ways; baked into muffins, mixed into pancakes, chilled with yogurt and granola,  or my top choice – in blueberry pie. Although I love to bake, I only started baking pies recently, … Continue reading

The Place to (t)Meet (Up)!

When I moved back to Missouri, I decided I’d use twitter and my blog to try to stay as connected as I could to things and people I wasn’t geographically near. I’ve come to use them both to make new friends, as well. I believe in finding the good in … Continue reading


For months, friends have encouraged me to visit Washington, Missouri. Many of those friends have also recommended eating a slice of pie at Cowan’s.  I should listen to the advice of friends more often. First of all, Cowan’s has a groovy florescent pie for a sign outside. Where else in … Continue reading

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