Photo Books & Backups from Our Travels

If you travel a lot, you know how many photos you take — and how few of them you probably print. We snap them on our phones and with our fancy DSLRs (if we have them), and then we save them to a folder somewhere on our computer. Sometimes we … Continue reading

10 Beautiful Photos of the Streets of Requena, Spain

Requena Castle via MilliGFunk

It’s fall here in Germany, and as much as I love warm mugs of hot cocoa and colorful leaves falling from the trees, I admit that the cooler weather makes me reminiscent of our last big summer trip in Europe. Take a little  walk with me through these 10 beautiful … Continue reading

Day Trip Week & Practicing Photography

We’ve had three moves, one deployment, and a baby since I bought my Nikon D7000 DSLR, and things are finally calming down enough now for me to really delve into taking better, clearer, more intentional shots. This week is Day Trip Week: a friend and I have decided to take a day trip every day … Continue reading

Birthday Giveaway!

This week is my birthday, and these singing, dancing penguins put a little hitch in my 37-week-pregnant giddy’up. You know what else puts a little hitch in my giddy’up? Sarah and Andrew at The Albums have partnered with Marrying the Army to give away two lifetime subscriptions to The Albums. 2 … Continue reading

Privacy and Family Photos: The ALBUMS


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I’m being compensated in cash and in free product use to review The ALBUMS. Happy New Year’s Eve! We’re expecting our first baby in just a few weeks, and as the due date (and the new year) draws near, her privacy has been on … Continue reading

Germany's Oldest City Part II

Yesterday I introduced you to Germany’s oldest city, Trier. I shared pictures of 2nd century Roman ruins, the 4th century Palastaula, and the town’s central market, market cross, and market fountain, built in 882, 958 and 1595, respectively. Today, I have more of Trier to share with you. Yesterday’s photos … Continue reading

Germany's Oldest City Part I

We spent Father’s Day on a day trip to Germany’s oldest city, a town near the Luxembourg border called Trier. Legend has it that Trier was established in around 2,000 B.C. Historians, however, believe that the city was established in 16 B.C. by the Roman emperor Augustus. Trier holds the … Continue reading

Smalltowngirl’s Family Grows

For more than a year now, I’ve known I’ve wanted to expand my little family. After much planning and preparation, I finally took the plunge yesterday, giving my entry-level Fuji DSRL camera a strong and might new sibling; a Nikon D7000. Continue reading

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