Floating and Hiking

I book-ended the summer of 2010 with float trips; one on Memorial Day and one on Labor Day. I used Bass River Resort for both floats, the first of which was along the Courtois Creek from Highway 8 to Bass River, and the second of which was from Bass River … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part III: Courtois Section Miles 0-7.6

Two weeks ago I set out to hike the Ozark Trail from Onondaga Cave State Park to the Narrows Trail Head. This section of the Courtois (pronounced code-a-way) Section of the Ozark Trail is considered mile 0-7.6, and fair warning: it involves a “creek” crossing that’s more like a river expedition. For … Continue reading

Don’t Mess with MilliGFunk

When I told my dad the news that I plan to hike the entire Ozark Trail alone, he suggested that I learn to safely carry and handle a pistol. I grew up in the country, which means I grew up around guns. My brother and I played with BB guns, … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part II: Caves

I hiked 10 miles or so of the Courtouis (pronounced “Code-a-way”) Section of the Ozark Trail not too long ago (see spiders post). The “guide” from Bass’ River Resort, where I was camping, dropped me off at a trailhead that was supposed to lead me 7.5-8 miles through the woods back … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part I: Spiders

Yesterday, I took a long hike on the Ozark Trail’s longest section, the Courtois (pronounced “Code-a-way”). Although I’d like to write an entire blog on the section of trail that I hiked, for now I’d like to show you some of the arachinids who were hanging out on their webs … Continue reading

Memorial Day

It’s easy to forget why we have days off. Memorial Day is an ironic day’s reason to forget, but still, there were headstones in the cemeteries we visited today on which no flowers lay. Were these people forgotten? Are their families no longer living? Are they simply too far away … Continue reading

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