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Oktoberfest Giveaway from MilliGFunk

Germans work hard, but they also know how to relax and have a good time. That’s evidenced by the huge number of festivals, or “fests,” held throughout the year all across the country in Germany. It seems like as soon as one fest season ends, it’s time for a new … Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Mainz, Germany

at Mainzer Oktoberfest

It may not be the “real” Oktoberfest in Munich, but the city immediately next door to Wiesbaden throws a pretty good Oktoberfest celebration, too. The town is called Mainz, and its Oktoberfest is called “Mainzer Oktoberfest”. Nearly everyone in the (enormous) tent wore lederhosen and drindl; from old ladies and … Continue reading

Crashing a Small Town Oktoberfest

Early in Oktober (get it? har har har), Nick and I traveled to a small Colorado town. Said small town is best known for a big hole in the ground near it that you may have heard of — The Royal Gorge. The town is called Canon City, and its … Continue reading

And So Begins JRTC

Oh, how the time flies by… When he came home from his last field exercise, we thought we’d get so much done before JRTC. We thought we’d have time to fit in fun things, wedding-related things, and things that weren’t much of anything at all. We thought that four weeks … Continue reading

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