Budgeting for Hotel Stays & Meals When You PCS to Germany


I recently had the opportunity to guest post on the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN)’s blog. The series is seven posts long, and covers a variety of aspects of budgeting for your family’s PCS to Germany. I hope you’ll check out the entire series, but that you’ll also read, share, … Continue reading

What Goes Into Our PCS Binder

Like so many other military families, ours has PCSed a lot. My husband has his Army “Me Book” that holds all of his Army records and travels with him on PCSs and deployments. On our first PCS together, though, we realized that his Me Book was too full with Army … Continue reading

5 Types of OCONUS PCS Shipments & What to Pack in Each

As we prepared for our German PCS, I had trouble finding recommendations on what to pack in hold baggage versus what to put into storage or household goods shipping. Now that we’ve landed in Germany, I hope that I can pass on to you, my friends, what I’ve learned so … Continue reading

Operation: Use All of Our Perishables

I love to cook and bake, so I’m bummed that when we PCS to Germany, we can’t move any of our perishable food items with us. Each week, we grocery shop in order to supplement whatever’s left in our pantry. This week, for example, we bought ingredients to mix with penne … Continue reading

An OCONUS PCS for the Pup

PCSing with the Pup

One of the questions friends and family have asked us about our PSC to Germany is whether we’ll be able to bring our dog with us. Thankfully, yes, we will. I’ve been prepping Rosie for our international flight and for our arrival in Germany. Today, we had our first military veterinarian … Continue reading

Destination Germany

Last week, Nick and I went together to a “Destination” class offered at Fort Carson. We’d registered for Destination Germany, but arrived to find that the class was a bit more broad, covering PCSs to Germany, Japan, Korea, Alaska and Hawaii. Both Nick and I were impressed at the take-aways … Continue reading

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