Treman State Park is a Gorges Place to Spend the Day

Treman State Park 2 MilliGFunk

Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on July 3rd, 2006. (Note: all photos in this post are ones I took 2006. If they’re low res or grainy, it’s either because it was my first-ever digital camera, or because the high-res versions have been lost since then. … Continue reading

The Inspired Spouse: Alyson Schumacher (Part 1)

Today’s Inspired Spouse is Marine Corps wife who was living in New York City on 9/11, whose career hasn’t gone as planned, and who has learned a whole lot along the way. Alyson’s Story Alyson Schumacher is a self-professed Yankee. I’m a Yankee, through and through…born by accident in South … Continue reading

Glad I’m Not in Brooklyn

The first year I lived in Brooklyn, I had only been working in my job for six weeks or so when the holidays arrived. Because I didn’t have any vacation time to use, I had to fly back from St. Louis to New York City on Christmas day. I remember … Continue reading


Music is, without question, my first love.  I loved music before I loved boys. I loved music before I had a best girl friend. I loved music before I came to terms with God. There nothing that comes closer to reflecting the depths of me than certain songs, albums, and … Continue reading

Microbreweries, Realizations, and Peace in Letting Go

On December 30th, we sat in Tommyknockers Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado. In front of us were ten tiny mugs of beer and copious amounts of food. We’d just spent a day driving to Colorado from Missouri in a four wheel drive pick-up truck, which made my small town self … Continue reading

Aching Throbbing Loneliness (I Miss NY)

It’s not just New York that I miss, but then again, it’s probably never place, separate from the rest of life, that anyone misses. For the last two days, I’ve missed New York City with an aching, depressing, loneliness that only hits at the end of the day, when my … Continue reading

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