Lower East Side Knitted Bicycle

When it comes to public art and bicycles, New York City and small town Missouri seem to have a shared interest. Somewhere on the Lower East Side of Manhattan sits – for lack of a better description – a bicycle in a sweater. I wonder if someone knitted the bike … Continue reading

Small Town Life is Good

I just have to tell you how great small town Missouri life has been to me in 2010, and by telling you about all of this, I think you’ll understand why I’ve been posting less often on A Small Town Girl’s Guide – I’ve been out doing so many things … Continue reading


The strangest thing just happened: I came across a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge by accident, and suddenly I could smell the air in DUMBO (down under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpasses) and hear the noises of New York City. As if I were standing at the edge of a … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s 1 Year Anniversary

Today was my remarkably unremarkable one-year anniversary in my small town Missouri job. Coincidentally, I’m wearing the same Columbia fleece tonight that I’m wearing in this post, written the day I moved from Brooklyn, New York back to rural Missouri last February. In my first year back in my home … Continue reading

Letter to New York

Dear New York City, I’ve not forgotten you. Even as I lace up the hiking boots that I’m wearing to work today, I haven’t forgotten you. Even though I swore to myself a year ago that I’d never wear them to the office, I still remember you. As I look … Continue reading

Microbreweries, Realizations, and Peace in Letting Go

On December 30th, we sat in Tommyknockers Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado. In front of us were ten tiny mugs of beer and copious amounts of food. We’d just spent a day driving to Colorado from Missouri in a four wheel drive pick-up truck, which made my small town self … Continue reading

Aching Throbbing Loneliness (I Miss NY)

It’s not just New York that I miss, but then again, it’s probably never place, separate from the rest of life, that anyone misses. For the last two days, I’ve missed New York City with an aching, depressing, loneliness that only hits at the end of the day, when my … Continue reading

Public Art in Ste. Genevieve

Public art isn’t something I expected to see much of in rural Missouri, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of murals I’ve seen in towns I’ve explored since relocated here earlier this year. Ste. Genevieve, Missouri is among the small towns I’ve explored that has a few murals … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Bridge

On Sunday, I meandered through the small town streets of  Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, camera in hand. Ste. Genevieve is a truly beautiful and historic town, but the part of Ste. Gen I’d like to share with you this morning is just a simple store front window with my reflection in … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Blondies

I found miniature peanut butter cups awhile back at the Olde Tyme Pantry in Farmington, but only recently got around to baking with them. I’d envisioned the miniature peanut butter cups used in blondie bars, but had never baked them before. I found a recipe online for basic blondies, substituted … Continue reading

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