Reasons to Rethink Your Data Plan in Germany

Reasons to Rethink Your Data Plan in Germany

#170252424 /   When my husband and I PCSed to Germany, it gave us the chance to rethink a few things, including how we spent both our money and our time. We had exciting new travel opportunities, a new baby, and we were living for the first time on … Continue reading

Is It Good to Get Paid?

I’ve been working as a marketing and brand strategist my entire career, but I’m new to the world of paid and sponsored blogging. I’ve managed marketing budgets and built (and implemented) marketing plans for large nonprofits. I’ve managed media buys and developed ad campaigns for my own employers or (when … Continue reading

5 Reasons I'm Okay Living on One Income

On Friday, I received my last full paycheck at my job with the marketing and branding firm where I’ve worked since moving to Colorado Springs. My husband’s and my transition to one income is real now, and while I thought I’d be anxious when the time came, my husband has … Continue reading

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