MilliGFunk Moves to Colorado

I’m nervous, excited and sad to share with you the news that my years of blogging from rural Missouri have come to an end. On August 21st, I’ll be leaving my little cabin in rural Missouri to begin a new phase in my life and my career in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After … Continue reading

Missouri Writers’ Guild Supports Joplin Libraries

I received the following call for submissions today from the Missouri Writers’ Guild via the Missouri Arts Council. The Guild is partnering with the Joplin Writers’ Guild to raise money to help buy books for Joplin school libraries damaged or destroyed by the May 22nd tornado. If you are a Midwestern writer … Continue reading

Blueberry Pie

One of my favorite foods is a simple one – the blueberry. You can eat blueberries so many different ways; baked into muffins, mixed into pancakes, chilled with yogurt and granola,  or my top choice – in blueberry pie. Although I love to bake, I only started baking pies recently, … Continue reading

Azalea Festival 5K

This weekend is the 49th Annual Azalea Festival in a small, southeastern Missouri town called Fredericktown. The Azalea Festival includes fair rides, a 5K fun run, a 1 mile walk, a car show, a sand volleyball tournament, an arts & crafts fair, a parade, and a queen coronation, among plenty … Continue reading

Small Town Girl on MO Division of Tourism Blog

Time plays tricks on me sometimes. It seems like I should be able to close my eyes and be back in Brooklyn or Taipei or Pittsburgh, but it’s been years since I lived in any of those places. Missouri has been my home (again) now for two-and-a-half years, but sometimes … Continue reading

Immaculate Conception Church

I spotted Immaculate Conception Church this week as I headed with a friend toward Louis P. Balducci Vineyards and Winery in Augusta, Missouri. The church sits atop a hill on the south side of Highway 94 in Augusta, and its presence is notable. Built at around the same time as … Continue reading

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

It’s Missouri and it’s mid-April, and you’re used to cool, rainy days after a long gray winter. You’ve just run 13.1 miles, and it’s 90 degrees outside. What do you want to do next? Where do you want to go? If your answer doesn’t involved eating Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard, … Continue reading

Gimme MO Love

After more than two years in Missouri, few things still surprise me, and even fewer bring me to genuine, unforced optimism that borders upon giddiness. Today’s stop off at Chesterfield Mall’s The Foundrie was one of them. The Foundrie is a carefully curated boutique selling the work of local artists, … Continue reading

Small Town Rosie

Since launching my Small Town Girl’s Guide logo last fall, I’ve received a lot of good feedback on both the logo itself and the Americana feel it captures. Since moving to Missouri in early 2009, countless people have told me that Cherokee Street in South City St. Louis was one … Continue reading

Eagles and geese and snakes, oh my!

When I say I live in small town Missouri, I’m being generous. I actually live in the middle of a massive forest more than ten miles from the nearest small town. As a result, I’m surrounded by wildlife. On today’s walk, Rosie and I encountered the usual squirrels and birds. … Continue reading

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