Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival

Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th were the annual Kimmswick, Missouri Apple Butter Festival. As a self-proclaimed expert in all things small town Missouri, I put on my rockin’ cowboy boots, grabbed my camera, and made my way to Kimmswick, Missouri. I parked at Windsor High School and walked … Continue reading

Making St. Louis Home

Today I went to a festival, where I wandered, wearing my red white and black cowboy boots. I wandered, taking pictures, allowing my mind to wander, too. I ate festival foods, and I felt the warm sun bring freckles to the surface of my cheeks. I met with old friends, … Continue reading

I Like Your Boots

Danielle and I parted ways in Times Square as she headed back to Brooklyn, and I tried to figure out to make it down to @socialmedium’s birthday bash in that sliver of Manhattan between the East Village and the Lower East Side where I’m never exactly what neighborhood I’m really … Continue reading

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