Will You Help? A Once-in-a-Lifetime International Ambassadorship

#Come2Germany Ambassador

I’m in the runnings to become an official social media ambassador for the German National Tourism Office, so I decided to start an Instagram campaign called ‪#‎29Reasons‬ to‪#‎Come2Germany‬ to remind you to cast your votes, and to inspire you to visit this beautiful country I get to call home! Each day … Continue reading

How We Saved 60 Percent of Our Income

Our Family Budget Has Helped Us Save Big

My first piece was published last week on The Penny Hoarder Blog, a blog that’s all about strange and quirky ways to earn and save more money. The piece I wrote was all about our family budget, and how budgeting helped us save or invest around 60% of our family income … Continue reading

The Milli Meets the Funk: 8 Years of Blogging

I’m in the process of merging eight years of blogging from two different domains into one site: MilliGFunk.com. The process is technical: I have 50+ categories to sort through, redirects to establish, and decisions to make about domain ownership and branding. The process is also an emotional one, reminding me … Continue reading

Smalltowngirl’s Family Grows

For more than a year now, I’ve known I’ve wanted to expand my little family. After much planning and preparation, I finally took the plunge yesterday, giving my entry-level Fuji DSRL camera a strong and might new sibling; a Nikon D7000. Continue reading

The Funk Takes on Colorado Radio

Later this morning, I’ll make my way up 1-25 to the north side of Colorado Springs, where I’ll meet Tonya Hall to be a guest on her radio program, The Tonya Hall Show. Tonya was in the audience when I spoke at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference Small Town in … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s Wedding Planning Dilemma

Am I the only newly engaged woman in the world who dreads the idea of wedding planning? Seriously. I’m not trying to hate on romance. I envy girls who day dream about white chiffon, bridal bouquets and multi-tiered wedding cakes. I wish I were the kind of woman who couldn’t … Continue reading

Pikes Peak Community Cupboard Community Dinner

This afternoon I’ll be stuffing Introvert Melissa into the closet and forcing Pseudo-Extrovert Melissa out to play, as I attend the Pike’s Peak Community Cupboard Community Dinner on my own. I know two other women who will be at the event (co-organizers Kat and Wendy), but because Nick is busy … Continue reading

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