Running My Way Through this Deployment

You have two choices during your spouse’s deployment. You can make the best of things, or you can not make the best of things. I choose the former, and part of executing on that decision is using my nervous energy for something healthy. While my husband is away, I am … Continue reading

Being Strong During a Deployment Means Eating Well

Let’s be honest: when the husband is away, the temptation is to skip meals or eat junk. It’s easy to skip breakfast, eat Girl Scout cookies for lunch, and drink way too many cups of coffee during the day in hopes that the buzz they bring will lift our spirits … Continue reading

First Morale Call of My Husband's Deployment

You just wouldn’t know how much difference 15 minutes makes unless you’ve gotten your first call call home from your soldier during a deployment. When my phone rang at 10:30 p.m., I jumped. My caller ID showed the call coming from Belleville, IL, a town where I know no one. … Continue reading

It's Almost Time

It’s like the quiet before the storm. We’ve done everything that we know how to do to prepare for Nick’s deployment. We’ve signed the right legal documents, we’ve discussed the big subjects, and we’ve organized our home in a way that I can find the things I might need to … Continue reading

Getting Hitched and Wearing TOMS

The idea of planning a wedding doesn’t exactly excite me. I’ve struggled with my fears of being a bride, and with my anxieties about standing in front of an audience wearing a puffy white dress. I’m defensive of the little bit of time my fiance and I have left together … Continue reading

Getting Squared Away

My head is cluttered with acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers that seem to lack meaning and context to me. Terms like “traumatic brain injury” are swirling eerily with a woman’s quiet voice answering the question, “What does it mean when your phone rings” with “your solider’s okay.” My heart becomes lighter … Continue reading

Time Apart when You're Finally Together

In the short days and weeks we have together in between exercises, long work days and deployments, Nick and I sometimes forget that while we need time together as a couple, we also need time alone to refill our independent fuel tanks. Last weekend, we did our own things almost … Continue reading

Today's Military Wife

Nick and I started our pre-marital counseling with his Army chaplain this week, and so far, we’re both glad that we’ve decided to make time for the sessions. His chaplain is a great resource for us. He has extensive experience ministering to soldiers and their families, and he and his … Continue reading

Making the Most of the Time We Have

When he finally came home for a full month,he’d been gone for more than half the time I’d lived here with him in Colorado. It was hard to open up to him after so many weeks of limited communication at such a critical and transitional time in my life. While … Continue reading

GiST: September 19, 2011

My new fiance (in case you missed it, I got engaged less than a month ago) is an Army officer, and I’m struggling to adjust to life on this side of a military relationship. Since I moved to Colorado in mid-August, he and I have been apart more than we’ve … Continue reading

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